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ticketswap's Journal

Swapping tickets on LJ for face value
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

Here's a place where you can sell and exchange tickets for music events and festivals with other music fans.
The aim here is to defeat the touts and scalpers, and give everyone who loves music a chance to see sold out concerts.

Three rules

  • All tickets must be on sale for face value. A small increase to cover credit card charges/postal fees is allowed. However, any ridiculous price-hiking results in an immediate ban.

  • All messages are moderated. This stops excessive off-topic chatter and outrageous pricing. The moderation's going to be very loose, it's just designed to catch the stray ones before they're posted.

  • No auctions. You must state a price or offer for a trade. Any attempt to start an auction within the comments will result in a locked post and a ban. Any link to eBay or offsite will be immediately deleted.

Here's how it works.

You post:

  • The event name

  • The location (including city/state/country)

  • The date and the time

  • Any age restrictions (If there are none, say so)

  • The price you're selling it for. It should be how much you paid for it, or less

  • The number of tickets available

You must state each and every one of these.

If you're interested in a ticket, leave a comment.
It's up to you and the seller to sort out a deal.

Once the ticket is gone, please edit your original post to add SOLD in big, prominent letters.

We take no responsibility for the actions of the members of this community. While we would like to think that everybody here is trustworthy within their dealings with each other, we are not liable if things go wrong.
This is for private individuals selling and exchanging tickets with one another. This is strongly off-limits to anyone linking to eBay/offsite or to retailers.
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